The Order’s conspiracy trailer betrays the story

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The Order 6

When The Order: 1886 was first announced, I was chomping at the bit to hear more. Combining a steam-punk-esque Victorian-Era London with a strange take on the knights of the round table, plus werewolves? Sign me up! I then played a lackluster demo and lost interest. But seeing trailers out of the final product is changing my mind.

Here is The Order: 1886 Conspiracy Trailer:

For the non-Youtubers, you can watch it here.

In the demo that I played of the game, it was all just a boring sequence of cover shooting and a bit of exploration in one tiny area. However, they never should have released that demo – it doesn’t seem to be indicative of the actual gameplay. Geoff played a more recent build back in December and raved about the various kinds of gameplay available. You can see it in the trailer, too – sneaking and stealth killing or zippiness and all the shooting. The Order will have all kinds of gameplay options, plus it looks ridiculously gorgeous.

Beyond looks and gameplay, the trailer shows just how fun the story will be. Of course there will be betrayal, and dark brooding characters. It’s no fun without a conspiracy, and it seems that The Order will have plenty of backstabbing in the story as well as the gameplay.

Has this game returned to your radar, too? Or are you just a bit too worried to start getting excited until you read what other people think of it?

Last Updated: January 22, 2015

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