The PlayStation 4 is back in stock

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Good news!

It may have cost me quite a few pretty pennies (SO PRETTY), but I’ve been damn happy with my PlayStation 4 purchase so far. It’s a great piece of technology, with some fantastic games so far. The PS4 pretty much sold out on launch weekend back in December. And now, new stock has finally arrived.

Ster Kinekor has tweeted that fresh stock has landed on shelves, so if you happen to have a credit card burning a hole in your pocket, whip it out and go get yourself some new-generation love. Due to the fact that our president spoke lately and probably other factors, the Rand has hit new lows in the financial markets, so expect to shell out a few more Randelas than the day one adopters for the PlayStation 4.

There are plenty of places to get your PS4 from, but if you love us, you’ll use the Kalahari link. I won’t lie to you, doing that makes us some cash, and keeps us running for another week. Otherwise, we’ll have to sacrifice another intern and I’m starting to hate cleaning up all that blood on our altar.

[Update] The standalone console is out of stock. 

You can get the console itself here, for the original R6299 RRP, or the Killzone Shadowfall bundle for R6699.

But be warned people we have heard from super secret insider spies that the stock is SEVERELY limited and that’s not some PR rubbish, if you want one buy it right now else you are going to be waiting for a few more weeks or months again.

Last Updated: February 7, 2014

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