The PlayStation 4 joins the Xbox advertising brigade

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Show me your money maker

A huge number of people in the current generation hate the advertisements that can be seen on the Xbox 360 dashboard. I’ve often defended this over the years as it really doesn’t bug me in the least and since I’m in the business of earning a living from advertising, it’s something I understand.

Granted people have a point when they say that they are already paying for Xbox Live so why are they still seeing adverts? Again personally I don’t care but I see the point.
And apparently now Sony also sees the potential benefit of advertising to their huge PSN audience.

A recent tweet by Jeff Gerstmann of Giantbomb has revealed that Sony will in fact be advertising on the PSN activity feed and this is what it looks like.

 Now here we are only seeing adverts for Sony’s PSN store (which already happens on the current US PSN store) but I doubt it will be long before Burger King and the like start showing up on the stream.

So how does this make you feel, are you indifferent like myself or does this make your blood boil?

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Last Updated: November 14, 2013

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