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The PlayStation 4 reliability complaints are skyrocketing

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So those lucky guys in America are coming up to their first week that the PlayStation 4 has been in retail and the early complaints about the systems lack of reliability don’t seem to be going away, in fact they appear to be gaining traction.

There are three consistent complaints at the moment which are:

PlayStation 4 shows no video

If you plug your PS4 in and there just isn’t any video showing on the screen then you are probably sitting with a HDMI port error. According to reports this is quite a common occurrence but one that is easy enough to fix.

Look inside your HDMI port and you may see a little piece of metal sticking up, you need to take a pin and push this back down and then reinsert your HDMI cable. If the cable doesn’t go all the way in still then you are going to want to take your console back for a replacement. If the HDMI cable goes all the way in and you still have no video then the problem is likely related to something else.

Red Light of Doom

Still looking for that catchy title but the second issue that is cropping up everywhere is a report where the light on the front of the PlayStation turns red and nothing else happens.

Apparently this is due to the PlayStation 4 over heating and could be resolved easily enough by simply ensuring your PlayStation 4 has enough room around it for the fans to circulate the air properly.

Blue Light and blank screen

The third issue is the most worrying at the moment. This is when the light on the PlayStation 4 is blue and yet there is nothing on the screen at all. This is when you have confirmed it isn’t the aforementioned HDMI problem.

Sony has a prescribed help page, but there is no known fix at the moment. What is more worrying is that there are reports that the Foxconn manufacturers may have been subjected to internal sabotage. According to a forum post that has since been removed, the interns at Foxconn decided to strike back at Foxconn for how badly they are treated by ensuring that PlayStation’s from their manufacturing lines would have issues.


And Google translate turns that into

“One such high-end products, this is Sony and Microsoft unite against Apple key step, but unfortunately a small Japanese handed it to Foxconn, Foxconn brought them over to our group of interns North believe that it is wrong, this time it really wrong, Foxconn did not treat us as human beings, we do not see it as a high-end product, in addition to cope or deal with, these products can reboot is our highest expectations, ha ha, etc. ps4 9 ? 9 officially listed, it is the Sony losses and the closure of Foxconn day! ! Common pray!”

Jumbled translation aside it is quite obvious what the quote is saying; and i smacks of internal sabotage. possibly relating not only to poor intern working conditions within Foxconn, but also increasingly disruptive Sino-Nipponese relations.

Other posters on the same forum are reporting PS4’s arriving with missing pieces, missing screws and one even being shipped with its hard drive outside of the shell.

Making things worse at the moment are reports that Amazon are doing a shoddy job of packaging the PS4’s for delivery with this image showcasing how little effort the packers are putting in to ensure your high end entertainment device will arrive safely.

Um that stuff is meant to go around the box?

The air pockets aren’t going to do much use like that.

Now it is still early days and it’s impossible to really say if there is a problem or not but this is also how the Xbox 360’s RROD reports started. Only time will tell if Sony has released a half baked product or not but by the time it releases in South Africa next month we should know for sure.

One thing going for Sony at the moment is their incredible history of manufacturing excellence, I’m still leaning towards these being isolated incidents but at the same time I’m not rushing to get a launch day console anymore. Mainly because I’m broke but also because of this…okay no it’s because I’m broke.

Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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