The Playstation Network Store Is Back – But All Is Not Well

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After a long waiting period, Sony’s Playstation Network is finally running on all cylinders once more.

We hopped onto the Playstation Network to check for ourselves and so far the store seems functional, although we have already run into a some issues.

When trying to redeem a code, I did get an error a few times over and had to keep retrying until it eventually went through. If you are trying to download any games or redeem vouchers, it looks like you may have a couple of issues at first.

I also had a few issues after that where my downloads list didn’t want to load up, but spewed out errors instead, and then the entire PS Store wouldn’t let me in for a while either. After a bunch of errors and retries, it eventually let me back in.

So… the store is up and running, but I would say that you should possibly expect a few hiccups here and there until everything is back to normal.

Also, remember that you should have access to your free sorry-we-done-gone-got-hacked-real-bad downloadable titles and your free 1 month PS Plus subscription soon, but don’t have solid info on when exactly, so keep checking back.

Also note that there are some deals happening on PSN that only apply to PS Plus members, so make sure to check them out while your PS Plus is active so that you don’t miss out.

Happy gaming.

Last Updated: June 2, 2011

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