The Poles stole?

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By now I hope you have all signed our local Xbox Live petition that can be found at

Well I got a tip today that the Xbox users in Poland had also setup a petition requesting official live support. Being a kind hearted soul I decided to go and sign that one as well. So imagine my suprise when I noticed that they had cut and pasted our local one and changed all the South Africa’s to Poland.

To be fair they did add Halo 3 to their list and took out the some of the better pieces of our petition but seriously you think they could have come up with their own wording.

Or at least pay homage to the place they stole it from? There site was created by Robert Szkop and actually has more signatures than ours already.

So I guess Poland is one of those Eastern European countries we are up against when it comes to getting Live support.

[Thanks to HungryHooligan for the tip]


Last Updated: October 4, 2007

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