The Popularity of Resident Evil Movies, As Explained by Milla Jovovich

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milla The first Resident Evil flick wasn’t terrible. It was a fun popcorn movie that, like most videogame-to-film adaptations deviated far enough from its source material to be up for re-naming. The sequels? Pretty terrible. Still, they’ve made a whole lot of money. US$378 million worldwide so far.

If they’ve almost nothing to do with Resident Evil and are now mostly high-action films with zombies in ‘em, why are they so damned popular. Let Leeloo Dallas Milla Jovovich explain.

"Resident Evil has always been an independent movie, which I think is very special about it. It’s not a studio concoction," Jovovich told Reuters. "We started as a tiny, little European action film, and everybody involved, Paul, myself and Michelle Rodriguez, were into the game. That was the birth of this franchise. It was just people who really love the games, who really love the characters, and love to kick butt and take no prisoners, and girls enjoying taking on these tough parts.

"I think that translates to people. People are smart today. They know when you’re lying to them. They know when you’re trying to pull one over on them, and we’re not trying to pull anything over on anybody. We’re just trying to make the best movie we can with the budget we have and have a great time doing it so that people have a great time watching it."

Wait..what? I thought they were popular because Jovovich is well…hot. I also had no idea it was an independent movie. I mean, it only had a budget of $33 Million back in 2002. I’m sure any independent filmmaker could have come up with that sort of bank.

The latest Resident Evil, Afterlife, opens in cinemas today and will be offered in glorious, magical 3D. Three Dee!

Source : Reuters

Last Updated: September 10, 2010

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