The prize pool for The International 5 has surpassed $10 million

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At this rate, this year’s edition of The International is going to have the biggest eSport prize pool yet, and I mean of all time. Compendium sales this weekend saw the purse of Valve’s premium Dota 2 tournament surpass the $10 million mark (it’s on $10,230,608 at time of writing), bringing it even closer to last year’s total of $10,931,103. The 2014 record is almost guaranteed to be overtaken, as there are still 59 days left to push this year’s cash total even higher.

Here’s a nifty graph comparing the progress of the prize pool this year compared to last (via Gosu Gamers):


The sudden climb in this year’s prize total is likely attributed to the release of the second tier of immortal items which saw a significant, albeit short-lived boost on Compendium sales. Now, by hitting the $10 million stretch goal, a third tier of Immortal rewards will be unlocked, meaning that the prize pool will get another surge upward when they are released sometime in future.

If the graph continues to climb steadily, we may well hit the final stretch reward that unlocks at $15 million – a special immortal for Axe along with a long-form comic. That sounds nice, but personally, I only care for the reward that unlocks at $11 million – a new desert terrain. Its release will give Dota 2 a new look – a change from the conventional greenery we are all so used to.

I think this year’s Compendium has been well worth every cent. What about you? Have you blown lots of cash on purchasing one and levelling it up, or are you holding out for the high-tier rewards?


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Last Updated: June 1, 2015

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