The problems with the PlayStation Move

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The PlayStation Move has only officially been around for just over a day now and already the Internet is buzzing with how awesome it is but at the same time there is quite a lot of noise being made around it’s possible failings.

I have tried to collate the most common and reasonable complaints being levelled against the Move as well as some unexpected commentary about it’s ability to sense motion.

It’s just going to be used for mini game extravaganza’s

The most popular complaint already is that while Sony are trying to show that the Move has endless possibilities the main launch titles look like they are just going to be more mini game compilations.

This isn’t so much a problem as a fear for a lot of people that I do not share, mini games are fun and as always if you don’t like what’s on offer don’t buy it.

No motion control in the Nunchuck

Yes I realise it’s meant to be called the sub-controller but that’s a stupid name and it looks just like the Wii Nunchuck so let’s keep it at that.

Back to the point, this nunchuck adaptor has absolutely no motion sensitivity and is simply a holder for the analogue stick and buttons, which means if you want to have a go at boxing you will need 2 Move controllers… as will your friend next to you bringing a minimum investment of 4 controllers to any logical household.

This same problem exists for the swordplay game where the second Move controller is used for the shield and for any future games like archery we run into the same problem.

This one’s a biggy so hopefully Sony put a motion controller in the nunchuck before it gets released.

It’s going to cost a fortune to kit yourself out

Gizmodo has done some simplistic calculations and has come up with a price of between $430 & $550 (R5000-R6000) to get enough controllers so that 4 people can all join in locally… luckily the next problem resolves this one.

You can’t have 4 players using the Move and Nunchuck controller at the same time

The PS3 can handle a whopping 8 devices connected to it at one time which at first makes you think that it could easily handle the 8 devices that it would need to connect 4 Move’s and 4 Nunchuck’s to enable full 4 player gaming.

However Sony only has a support for 7 devices to connect via Bluetooth… not sure why that is, so it means that you can only have 3 player full motion control gaming.

Wrong, according to Sony you can have 4 people playing using the Move or 2 people with a Move and Nunchuck. Weird.

The look of it

It looks like a dildo, there is no getting around that.


“I was disappointed with the amount of real innovation we saw. In terms of ideas, it is very similar to what we have seen with the Wii and if you are Sony, you can’t help but want to ape that success” Guy Cocker – Gamespot UK Editor

“PlayStation Move isn’t that innovative. It doesn’t do anything that differently than the Wii but everyone feels they need to get into this space,” Dan Ackerman – Senior Editor

I can’t wait to give it a go but right now I am not busting a gut to play any of the games that I have seen. It may be far more accurate and responsive than the Wii’s controller but after that it doesn’t really offer much else.

On the positive side the feedback on it’s responsiveness has been immaculate, it really is far superior to the Wiimote.

Last Updated: March 12, 2010

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