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The PS Vita has been saved with this one game

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The PS Vita! A handheld console of incredible hardware power and raw graphical thingamajigs! Love or hate Sony, there’s no denying that their PSP successor is the Mike Tyson of portable devices that are dedicated to interactive fun. Except that in this situation, ol’ Iron Mike is fighting without the benefit if having any appendages or a psychic connection to pigeons, due to the terrible games library of the Vita. But hold onto your memory cards and stop playing PS2 games on the device, because this might be the very game to own on it.


Let’s Fish! Hooked has eager PS Vita players assuming the role of one of several anime lads or ladies, who just so happen to be avid fishermen. Because that’s totally what Japanese teens are known for, ya dig? Here’s a description of the game from Wired Productions Sean Walsh, via Kotaku:

Combining realistic fishing action with fast arcade style game play using the PS Vita touchscreen, Let’s Fish! Hooked On comes with a full story mode and aims to make fishing fun for everyone. Choosing between four different anime-styled characters, each with their own story line and unique abilities, players are challenged to improve their skills by competing in a host of progressively difficult tournaments in their bid to win the World Tour.

The game, which has been developed by the team behind SEGA Bass Fishing and Ape Escape (PSP), is split into four different game modes, World Tour, with its character-driven story line; Challenge, for quick short-bursts of fishing action; Training, to help develop your skills; and Underwater Mode, which lets you view your prized catches. All modes are designed to make use of PS Vita‘s fantastic features. There are also online rankings and Trophies to collect, including the prestigious Platinum Trophy.

So toss out your Assassin’s Creed and Lumines games guys. You won’t need them ever again, because you’ll have a chance to play a fishing game as Busty McBustyton Bust-Bust esquire instead. Dammit, I need to find a Vita now!

Last Updated: January 23, 2013

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