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The PS3 is fatally flawed

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Gameplayer.com.au has put up a very interesting, and from what I can see, factually correct article on the problems that the PS3 is experiencing and will continue to experience for the life of this console.

The PS3 has been on a run this year and a lot of people believe that it has turned the corner and will now get into it’s stride and wipe the floor with the 360…

However this is just not going to happen, not with the current architecture of the PS3.

So what are the main problems? Well the first one is that Blu-Ray player that possibly saved the PS3 last year. The problem lies with the slow transfer rate of the Blu-Ray drive which has resulted in those infamous installs.

Gameplayer puts it nicely by asking what the point is of having all that storage if you have to install it into the machine anyway?

But that isn’t the biggest problem, the biggest problem that is facing the PS3 is the fact that Sony only stuck in 256Mb of RAM into it… This is why the Xbox 360 will always win the cross platform comparisons, simply because the PS3 is undeniably crippled in this department.

Strangely enough the reason why the 360 has 512Mb is purely down to Epic games and Gears of War… Legend has it that Epic showed Microsoft how Gears would look with only 256Mb of RAM and then showed them Gears in 512… the deal was then done…

So are Sony going to release a new version with some more RAM in this generation? They need to but they can’t… not without upsetting a lot of people.

Source: Gameplayer.com.au

Last Updated: July 14, 2008

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