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The PS3 is officially half way through its lifecycle

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The PS3 it turning 5, it’s not 5 yet in South Africa as we only got it a few months after the US release but I guess we need to count it’s age from when it was first sold at retail which makes it 5 this week along with the PSN.

It also means it is now officially half way through it’s much lauded 10 year life cycle. Granted it doesn’t mean the PS4 won’t be out for another 5 years but rather that they anticipated cutting the cords on the PS3 in 5 more years.

In reality there doesn’t seem to be much chance of that happening with the PS2 still managing to secure solid sales in most developing countries and with very little sign of those cords being cut we can expect the PS3 to be around for another 7-10 years in the very least.

It’s hard to believe that a mere 5 years ago we didn’t know who would win between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and the PS3 stumbled out of the blocks so badly that there was even talk that it would be taken out back and shot. Instead Sony refined the hardware, removed the excess fat and release the PS3 Slim which re-energised the console and the market and have now put the PS3 in a position to steal second spot from the Xbox 360 in 2012.

That turn around can be attributed to Sony’s grit and belief as well as to characters like Sackboy, Nathan Drake and the finally released Gran Turismo 5.

Congratulations PS3 and I hope they give you the day off with some cake to celebrate this moment.

Last Updated: November 18, 2011

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