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The PS3 still ruling the USA?

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I have to say I am suprised by this, especially since no new SKU’s were announced at GDC.

While it is virtually impossible to tell whether or not there is a Xbox 360 shortage in the States it is easy to see that Sony are taking full advantage of it.

The latest hardware and software sales are in and in hardware sales at least Sony are smiling.

PS3 – 80,214
360 – 79,204
Wii  – 47,702

So the PS3 is keeping a very slender lead over the 360 at the moment.. However in software sales the picture is very different indeed….

360 – 1,161,963
Wii  –    692,114
PS3 –    446,805

To put it in local terms, the 360 PK’d the other two again. The royalty from those software figures must be making the Redmond giant very happy indeed.

Now if they could just sort out the hardware side and take advantage of the complete unavailability of Nintendo Wii’s and to extend it’s very limited 1.6 million total lead.

VG Chartz | American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: February 21, 2008

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