The PS4 just got another 2015 exclusive

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Omega Quintet 13

Thus far, exclusives on the consoles haven’t been too mind blowing. I know the Halo fans among you are seeing the Master Chief Collection as the best reason to have an Xbox One, but for many there just haven’t been new games to steal our hearts on one platform or another. Both consoles have some cool exclusives lined up for next year, and it seems Sony just grabbed another one.

Okay, so it’s actually a niche game in the form of JRPG Omega Quintet. But Idea Factory is bringing Compile Heart’s game to the West and it will be available in digital and retail form on PS4 only. It’s a weird cross between an Idol Simulator and JRPG as you use the power of song and dance to fight off the big bad and save the world. Here are some pictures, too.

Okay, I’m not sure that this is going to be a console selling exclusive for many in the West, but it’s still nice to see a JRPG coming to this side of the world, even if this one does seem a bit strange. I’m excited to be a PS4 owner – it seems 2015 will be a good year to own the console. That said, with Quantum Break making its way onto Xbox One, I will probably have to grab that console as well. At this point, though, I feel more than equipped for all the upcoming releases by just owning a PS4 and Wii U. And PC. And all my old generation consoles. Have you been convinced to get a new console based on exclusives, or are there other factors that you consider more?

Last Updated: November 19, 2014

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