The PS4 once had 4Gb of RAM

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Many of you already know this, but at the Tokyo Game Show this week Sony worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the PlayStation4 was originally designed with just 4Gb of RAM, half of the 8GB that the system will sport when its released later this year. Upgrading it to 8Gb of the rather expensive GDDR5 was a “business decision.”

"And because we chose expensive memory…we really liked the performance, but it’s pricy, right? So going to 8GB was a bit of a business decision," Yoshida said. "But we were able to make that decision because of a lot of the feedback from developers. "

Those developers included the likes of Gearbox, whose president Randy Pitchford told Adam Boyes told the company that “If you go with 4GB of GDDR5, you are done.”

It;s a damned good thing too; because it seems that the next gen consoles are already struggling to keep pace with thrice the price high-end pc’s; imagine how they’d do with half the memory. Jab’s aside though; it’s actually pretty incredible what consoles can achieve with memory; GTA V is running on two systems that have just 512Mb of the stuff, and it’s beyond technically impressive.

I look forward to seeing what games developers are able to do with consoles with an available memory pool of ten times that. 

Last Updated: September 20, 2013

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