The real reason behind the GT5 delay

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Now that we have all gotten over the fact of the GT5 delay it’s time to start asking the important question… Why, seriously why and how has this game been delayed again and for how long?

There are 2 main rumours about why the game has been delayed at the moment, the first one is the official line that Polyphony needed some time to finalise some of the more complicated parts of the system.

That makes me worry really as that would point to them having some technical problems which means that they cannot guarantee that the game will be ready in time for Christmas.

Yamauchi responded to one such call on twitter by saying

“I believe we won’t keep you waiting until then (end of the year)”

The key point is that he believes it instead of stating outright that it won’t happen.

The other rumour doing the rounds is that the delay is down to a new Sony mandate that all new games must include Firmware 3.50 and GT5 has been entirely build on version 341 of the SDK. Moving up to 350 wasn’t expected to be a problem but apparently it is and that is why there is a delay.

The move to Firmware 3.50 was made mandatory thanks to the filthy pirates who were cheering when they found a way around the PS3’s bullet proof anti-piracy platform. So in essence if this rumour is true you need to go take out your frustrations on the pirates and not Sony.

However both of these rumours (which could be the same one) have resulted in another problem, the factories that produce the Blu-Ray discs are working overtime at the moment to get games and movies out by Christmas and with this delay Sony has now missed their pre-reserved slot.

They are busy negotiating with the factories to get another 3 week slot on the machines, to produce their 7 million units, but as you can imagine no other titles or movies are offering to move.

The end result, Sony and Polyphony digital are aiming for a late November or early December release but if they can’t fix the bug and get a manufacturing date locked in very soon we may only be seeing GT5 in 2011.

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Update: Digital Foundry has recently tweeted the following

“sounds to me like GT5 failed final sub rather than a firmware version problem.”

Now that’s not good news at all… this would point to a much deeper problem if it failed a standard submission.. which is what I am guessing sub stands for.

sounds to me like GT5 failed final sub rather than a firmware version proble

Last Updated: October 15, 2010

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