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The Redmond Syndrome

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According to Josh Lentz  the Redmond Syndrome is what afflicted the Xbox in the last generation and is now attacking the PS3.

What is it? Well it’s being the better machine but hitting the market late. By the time you hit the market most of the developers have become comfortable with the competitors machine and are now developing for that and porting, usually badly, to yours…

Nintendo seems to avoid these problems by just being different and ignoring most mainstream games. However Sony has fallen headfirst into it this generation.

However what is worse for Sony in this generation is that their architecture is radically different from the Xbox 360 which seems to make porting to it extremely difficult.

Yes the Xbox was radically different to the PS2 but the Xbox was very similar to the PC, most developers are comfortable with that architecture so the ports where decent….

Sony needs to start adding some great incentives to get the developers to concentrate on the PS3 else it may end up being the ugly sister for the whole generation.

Last Updated: July 4, 2007

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