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The Resident Evil theme park looks incredible

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Man, I love me a good theme park. The cheap rides, the long lines, that piece of metal jutting out perilously on the rollercoaster that scraped my head the last time I was on it…Man, good memories. Now, while we have a great park of thrill-rides over at Gold Reef City, the Americans as usual, know how to make things bigger and better. Which is why Universal Studios is handing their rides over to Capcom, for one helluva Resident Evil tie-in.

The dead shall rise, and cue for a rather long time, when Resident Evil takes over the park for “Halloween Horror Night”. Capcom is promising actors decked out as familiar RE characters, with a number of zombies wandering around as well.

Various attractions will be transformed, with the Umbrella corporation taking over the Cyberdyne and Terminator buildings. Geoff is in the states right now, doing journalistic stuff, so we’ll see if we can delay his flight to land there and not bother to inform him that it’s all part of a theme park attraction.


Word is, is that there is a house of horrors ride present for the event. Apparently, people get strapped into a cart then driven through a house that projects videos from those godawful Resident Evil films. Brrrrrrr!

Last Updated: September 13, 2012

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