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The Roaring 20s hits Apex Legends along with a whole host of (very) limited game modes

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The game’s Grand Soirée event brings a whole host of art deco inspired skins as well as plenty new modes to test out for a very short time indeed.


Apex Legends is no stranger to some absolutely fantastic limited-time events and it seems that Respawn is kicking off 2020 with a veritable platter of new content for players to dive headlong into. The Grand Soirée event, which is meant to celebrate the beginning of a new decade and will run from January 14 to 28, brings with a host of new steampunk-esque skins inspired by the dandy outfits and aesthetics of the 1920’s. Pathfinder has a moustache, Octane has a body clock and Wattson has a…fin, I guess. Alongside the legend’s snazzy new skins, many of the game’s weapons are earning retro-inspired designs too, many obtained through the Event Prize Track, Apex Packs or just through buying them through the game’s storefront.


Beyond the cosmetics, The Grand Soirée will also feature seven limited-time events that will rotate out over the course of two weeks. Here’s a breakdown of what each event will entail:

Gold Rush Duos (January 14th to 15th)

You and a buddy dropped into an arena with nothing but gold weapons, the best guns in the game, and tasked with making it out on top. Plenty of Mastiffs, Krabers and L-Stars for some real high-velocity deathmatches.

Live. Die. Live (January 16th to 17th)

Hate dying early on? Then just pray your teammates stay along alive enough for the ring to close and you’ll get a second chance as you respawn back into the game. No need to worry about banners or respawn beacons, as long as someone is waiting for you on the ground, you’ll get another chance.

Third-Person Mode (January 18th to 19th)

You don’t need me to explain this, do you?

Always Be Closing (January 20th to 21st)

That there devilish ring is tired of waiting around for you and your team. It’s just fed up and wants to see you all dead before supper! So no more breaks, the ring will just be constantly closing for the duration of the game, leading to what should be some incredibly frantic firefights.

Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge (January 22nd to 23rd)

While it does definitely sound like the title for a Guy Richie film, the director will unfortunately have little to do with this mode. This mode returns from the Voidwalker event and will force players into using either sniper rifles or shotguns, nothing else.

King’s Canyon After Dark (January 24th to 25th)

Night modes are all the rage in first-person shooters now as Apex embraces the trend and sends players back to King’s Canyon for some night time shenanigans. Maybe bring a night-light if you’re scared of the dark.

DUMMIE’s Big Day (January 26th to 28th)

Those DUMMIEs that are always having the brains shot out of them are tired of being treated like second-class citizens. So in this game mode, they’re rising up and players will need to fight back against the hordes of killer dummies, my favourite Goosebumps book. It’s not clear whether this is some form of PvE mode or if players have been reskinned to look like training dummies. Squad members will share a colour scheme, meaning you’ll still be able to discern who is who in the zoo.

Last Updated: January 10, 2020

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