The Saints Row missing content has been found

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At E3, Sony proudly announced that Saint’s Row 3 would be getting an exclusive mode on the PS3, featuring the game’s phallic weapon, the dildo bat. For some reason – Microsoft meddling, the deal going sour, Sony talking out of their asses, or aliens – that didn’t happen, as it was found that both console versions were identical.

Well, PS3 purchasers are indeed getting some extra cream on the top of their Saint’s Row crazy cake – and it’s very tasty indeed. 

According to a posting on the US PlayStation blog the exclusive content that you will receive with your copy of Saints Row The Third is actually… Saints Row 2. Yes, for a limited time only you can download Saints Row 2 at absolutely no charge if you have an activated copy of Saints Row The Third. The caveat? It’s only valid to those in The US, Canada and Mexico. Boo!

The second part of that equation should hopefully be lifted soon.

In my mind the only reason you are getting a free copy of Saints Row 2 is because of the power of the Internet. If people didn’t get upset and voice their anger at THQ/Sony for not following through with their promise this would never have happened. Don’t believe me? Well then explain why this great offer wasn’t included in the disk and why they only announced it days after the game’s release.

Good job Internet.

Last Updated: November 17, 2011

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