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The Sims 4 becomes Batman in new expansion

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Batman is such a great crime solver. Sure, he may be known for his awesome rogue’s gallery and insane toys, but he is meant to be a detective at heart. Now you can embrace your inner Batman in the Sims 4.

Instead of only simulating your Sim’s home life, the Sims 4 has introduced active careers with its Get to Work expansion. One of these active careers includes being a detective and a new trailer show just how in depth this experience goes.

Wait, you can ping the ground and look for clues or interrogate eye witnesses? This looks like a bizarre cross between Batman and LA Noire, obviously with added management sim elements. While I think this is a fun and interesting addition to the simulation franchise, it really does seem to be taking a few queues from other genres. I sort of liked the fact that the Sims only replicated home life – by adding in the adventure of work, I worry that it will become too much of a weak Batman game. There’s also a medical career – will that just be surgeon simulator?

Still, if you’re playing The Sims 4, I’m sure this will add a whole world of opportunity to your gameplay. Why be a good cop? How about playing a bad cop and making friends with the criminals? The opportunities are endless, until you have to arrest yourself. Or will you just get fired? Is there going to be prison simulator in The Sims 4 – now that could spice things up!

Last Updated: February 25, 2015

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