The Sims 4 delayed until Q3 2014

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All we seem to hear about lately is game delays – I’m still in mourning about Watch Dogs. Now, EA has announced that The Sims 4 will only ship in fall (northern hemisphere) 2014. PC gamers will just have to wait to get all emotional with their new simulated friends.

The Sims 4 was originally scheduled for early 2014, but EA has since announced that it will only ship in Fall 2014. Don’t worry, though – at least now you have time to pre-order and get a free upgrade to the Limited Edition. Or, for the diehard fans among you, there’s also an Origin-exclusive Digital Deluxe version that comes with the same “Life of the Party” add on as the Limited Edition, plus some as yet unknown extras.

I will confess, I played the original Sims. I played it a lot. I remember renovating my house, running out of money and forcing my Sims to wake up at 4am to start washing their hands because I didn’t have a shower in the house and they needed to fill that stupid hygiene meter. Ah, those were good times. I haven’t played the subsequent Sims, although I’ve been informed by the guys that it will fall to me to play it. At least now I have a year to prepare myself.

Are you saddened by the delay until you can force some fake people into a room and see if they play well together? Do you try to recreate people in your life and understand them using Sims algorithms? I know plenty of people consider the Sims a guilty pleasure – don’t be shy, share your awesome/awful experiences in the simulated world!

Last Updated: October 23, 2013

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