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The Skylanders Giants Survival Guide – Bouncer

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From the diary of Kaos, King and Queen of the Skylands: With those stupid Skylanders banished from the precious lands, I can now finally begin mending the massive void in my heart that was caused by the break up I suffered with my imaginary girlfriend,before I shot her out of an imaginary cannon. It’s only a matter of time before the Skylanders regroup though, and until then, I need to prepare myself with intel on the vile creatures.



Element: Tech

Character Type: Giant

Bio: Long ago, Bouncer was an All-Star Roboto Ball player.  His big, lively personality helped popularize the sport, but after taking too many hits to the head, he retired and the sport faded away.  Bouncer then became a security-bot in the Crystal Mines.  It was there he encountered dozens of Mabu from his Roboto Ball fan club that had been enslaved by the Arkeyans. 

Not wanting to let his fans down, Bouncer came out of retirement and began shooting at a new goal – defeating the Arkeyan King.  Soon after he teamed up with other Giants, and together they became the first Skylanders.


  • Finger-Guns: Bouncer shoots rapid-fire, ricocheting bouncy balls.
  • Shoulder Rockets: Bouncer launches rockets into the air that swiftly descend on enemies.


  • I-Beam: Bouncer fires concentrated laser eye beams.
  • Targeting computer: Bouncer can target and control where rockets land.
  • Machine Finger-guns: Bouncer can fire his finger-guns at an accelerated rate.
  • Cooler I-Beam: Bouncer can fire his I-Beam for longer, with less overheating and more damage inflicted.

I-Beam Supreme

  • Super Machine Fingerfuns: Bouncer can fire his Finger-guns even faster, with more damaged inflicted.
  • Professionally Cool I-Beam: The I-Beam does even more damage now, and takes far longer to overheat.
  • Laser Mines: Bouncer can drop drop laser mines.

Soul Gem Ability

  • Bouncer can fire off two rocket-powered homing fists.

A robot with rocket fists? Bah! I Kaos, the grand ruler of the Skylands, shall have more than sufficient methods in place to stop that massive junk-pile of nuts and bolts!

Like maybe a giant can-opener, yes that’s genius…

Last Updated: December 14, 2012

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