The Sony Protection Group reviews Home…

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The Sony Protection Group, which I still wonder if it’s a part of Sony themselves, have posted a review all about Home… Well that is how they are marketing it..

It is pretty sparse in the details and only really mentions the fact that you can decorate your apartment… customise your avator and the fact that you can move to different locations… Aren’t we all so excited now?

The best quote of the lot

Then you are able to invite friends to your own Home Space and have a great time chatting and dancing in your House!

WTF? Seriously I can understand that a lot of people enjoy the MMO part of this project but come on… having a great time dancing in your house with friends online?

There is no real mention of the trophy room or the arcade games or anything that actually sounds good about home…

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Last Updated: July 25, 2007

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