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The story of Amy Hennig being forced out of Naughty Dog was nothing but “forced gossip”

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The story of Amy Hennig being forced out of Naughty Dog was nothing but “forced gossip” 2

Controversy! Review scores! 2014! Way back when Scotland regretted losing a referendum to tell England to sod off and noted penis nightmare fuel artist HR Giger kicked the bucket, there was a story that had plenty of people gnashing their teeth in frustration. Back then, IGN reported that Naughty Dog had forced creative powerhouse Amy Hennig out of the studio, with Naughty Dog’s big cheeses Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley being responsible for her departure.

This being the Internet, things quickly spiralled out of control, people went ballistic and no amount of damage control could put those fires out. Naughty Dog of course refuted the allegation, with the writer of the article, Mitch Dyer, also receiving plenty of flack from the sidelines. Here’s the real kicker though: Six years after that story went live, it turns out that it was nothing but an unsubstantiated rumour.

That’s the revelation that came from Dyer himself, as he claimed that “forced gossip” was shoved into his story by his editors at the time, Steve Butts and Tal Blevins. The duo’s name has been circulating this past week, with many a former IGN staffer alleging of horrible harrassment and abuse behind the scenes when they were employed at the massive gaming website.

When Sony began to get rightly miffed at Dyer, Butts and Blevins apparently went radio silent and never stood up for the writer who they threw under the bus:

As for Druckmann? He’s not holding any grudges:

Butts and Blevins would eventually leave IGN to start their own consulting firm, but judging by the fallout that’s busy gathering from this story and numerous other allegations that have come to light, I wouldn’t bank on their company receiving too much business in the months to come. As for Dyer? He’s also a former employee of IGN, who has since gone on to land a job at Electronic Arts and their EA Motive studio, as a writer on Star Wars games. His next piece of work will be seen in action on October 2, in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Last Updated: June 24, 2020

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