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The story of Destiny Part 6 – A new Iron Lord rises to face the reborn danger of SIVA

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Rise of Iron (10)

After three years, the story continues once again! Here’s part six of our retrospective of the Destiny story so far, as we cover The Rise of Iron that closed the book on the original Destiny era.

SIVA is freed

Rise of Iron (9)

What is this complexity? ~consume enhance replicate~ The machine of a thousand parts, fashioned by single mind. From where does such complexity arise? What does the creation of a mind require? In the long march of life’s procession, order is created from disorder. The rise of complexity is not promised. Such things are not inevitable, and yet here I stand. ~consume enhance replicate~

-Aksis, Archon Prime

A year had passed since the devastating Taken War. Earth continued to rebuild, the Awoken were now scattered across the Reef and remnant Taken forces still prowled the solar system as they followed the shadow of Oryx’s once-mighty will. Unbenownst to the Guardians of the last safe city on Earth, a Fallen house had managed to uncover one of the greatest dangers of the Golden Age.

Rise of Iron (6)

SIVA, the self-replicating nanotechnology that was barely sealed at the expense of the lives of the Iron lords, has been awoken. The House of Devils unleashed the dormant virus, quickly using it to conquer large swathes of Old Russia in the process and drawing the attention of the Iron Banner’s Lord Saladin. Hellbent on becoming a new breed of god to worship and led by their Archon Aksis, the House of Devils cast off the shackles of their flesh as they began a march towards godhood and ascension.

The SIVA Crisis begins

Rise of Iron (1)

It is time to avenge my fallen brothers and sisters. Stand with me, Guardian. Prove yourself worthy, and the Iron Lords will rise again!

– Lord Saladin

Fighting hard, Saladin soon realised that even his might was no match for SIVA and the House of Devils, who had used the technology to transform themselves into a dangerous new faction known as Devil Splicers. A new generation of Iron Lords would need to rise to meet this danger, and Saladin began work on recruiting Guardians to his cause.

Quarantine is initiated

Rise of Iron (8)

A battle was won. Heroes died. And our mistakes stayed here.

— Lord Saladin

The battle was hard, the danger was immense and the Guardians who rose to the challenge found themselves facing an enemy who had adapted and evolved to counter them. Fighting a war that forced them to return to familiar locations in Old Russia, the Guardian soon adopted older methods with which to stop the Devil Splicers from running rampant.

Rise of Iron (11)

An old rifle was reborn into a Jack of all trades death-dealer, while Saladin himself helped the Guardian reforge one of the mightiest weapons in history of humanity: The Iron Gjallarhorn, rebuilt to deal with the SIVA outbreak and baptised in an ocean of Fallen blood and burning Walker tanks as the wolfhead missiles found their mark.

Eventually, the Guardian would descend into the very bowls of the lavatory that gave birth to SIVA. Scores of Devil Splicers would fall, but the hardest battle was yet to be fought in the hellish replication chamber: The bodies of the old generation of Iron Lords, re-animated by SIVA and forced to fight one last battle. Using the mighty solar axe of the Iron Lords, their tortured existence would finally come to an end, SIVA’s replication abilities would be destroyed and only one final threat remained.

The deed done, Lord Saladin had one final gift for the Guardians who helped him in his darkest hour: The honour of being this generation’s Iron Wolf, warriors who would proudly carry on the traditions and honour of the fallen Iron Lords.

The Wrath of the Machine

Rise of Iron (7)

We are they who created themselves out of themselves and died in the creation. No longer merely the god in the machine, but the machine in the god. ~consume enhance replicate~ Here we rise, made equal at last to that which we worship. ~consume enhance replicate~”

— Aksis, Archon Prime

In a foundry where Guardians would spawn, the House of Devils would make its final stand. Legions of surviving Devil Splicers would converge on the team of Guardians, who took the fight to the generals of the Fallen House: Vosik, the Archpriest would find his dream of ascending to godhood shattered when the Guardians set off several SIVA charges, while a mighty siege engine that breached the walls of the Cosmodrome was eventually broken by the new Iron Wolves.

Rise of Iron (3)

Eventually, it would be time to face Aksis himself. The Archon-Prime who began the SIVA Crisis had transformed himself into a horrid abomination of flesh and steel, and was one the verge of becoming a new machine god. Deep within the Perfection Pit, a battle that would shake Old Russia itself raged on. Aksis would fall within the Perfection Complex, bringing the SIVA Crisis to an end at long last.

For the next two years, the Vanguard would work on strengthening quarantine zones across Old Russia and the Plaguelands as peace once again returned to Earth. For a while at least, as a vast new threat began marching towards the planet wit only a single purpose: To strip the very Light away from the Guardians and claim the power of the Traveler for themselves.

Rise of Iron (2)

The Red War, was coming…

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