The Top 10 Worst Xbox 360 Games

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imageSo have you ever felt like torturing yourself but have an adverse reaction to physical pain?

Yeah me neither, but I do know some people who deserve a bit of pain and suffering and if they have a Xbox 360 I now have the perfect list of presents for them. has put together a lost of the top 10 worst Xbox 360 games made so far and even though the console is quite new we have some awful titles available.

So to the list…

1. Two Worlds

Awful graphics? Check. Awful sound. Check. Horrible controls and gameplay? Check. The only fresh feature completely broken (online play)? Check. Two Worlds is an absolute failure in just about every respect on the Xbox 360. Don’t play it. Don’t wish it on your worst enemies. Just ignore it.

2. Bomberman: Act Zero
3. Jumper: Griffin’s Story
4. Hour of Victory (this was one of my worst ever)
5. Sonic the Hedgehog
6. Vampire Rain
image 7. NFL Tour
8. NASCAR 08
9. Blacksite: Area 51 (to be reviewed soon 🙁 )
10. Def Jam ICON

So what is the worst game you have ever played on the Xbox 360? Did it make the list?

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Last Updated: March 12, 2008

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