The TrackMania Do Gaming Online Finals takes place this weekend

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rAge may be well behind us, but that doesn’t mean that every game has reached its annual conclusion. As you know, TrackMania Nations Forever is a racer all about precision and speed. The best of our local community will be going against each other this Sunday in the Do Gaming Online Final. Who will be the fastest?

The following drivers have qualified (via Do Gaming League)

– Figjam.CMaster
– TMNT Zymbaco
– [SSG] Heckers
– Figjam.Chucky
– [SSG]Pixelated
– []=BUD Peetie
– [SSG] Elf
– M33T_uP
– []=BUD Souswurm
– DKG Draglor

CMaster is easily one of the top drivers, having won both the summer and winter leg this year. I’m sure the others will give him a run for his money though. In doing so, they’ll hopefully win some money too.

– First Place : R 3 000.00
– Second Place : R 1 500.00
– Third Place : R 500.00

According to DGL’s head admin, Robert “Infy” Hart, the format of the tournament will be as follows:

“The final will be played in cup mode offering a series of races on 3 different tracks. Each racer will earn points depending on their finishing position per lap. The series will be played up to 150 points.The racer reaching this mark will be put into finalist mode giving him/her the opportunity to become Telkom’s first Trackmania Nations Champion if they win one final race!”

The final will kick off at 4pm this Sunday, the 9th of November. My source for all things TrackMania, Peet Luckhoff, has informed me that nAvTV has been approached to stream the races. There is no confirmation just yet (final word will be given on Sunday). If the stream does take place though, I’m sure it can be found on their website or on their Twitch. Best of luck to all those taking part!

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Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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