The UK doesn’t love Resistance 2

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Nick published an article last week about how Resistance 2 only debuted at number 10 on the UK charts, well everyone was pretty convinced that the only reason it was number 10 was because it had only been out for a single day when the charts were compiled.

Fast forward a week and we see something slightly disturbing… Resistance 2 is gone. It didn’t even make the charts this week. To make things ever stranger it appears that Gears 2 didn’t make it either.

It seems that our pommie friends were more interested in playing Brain Training and Mario Kart than blowing aliens up in either Resistance 2 or Gears 2…

However they do love their WWII shooters with COD5 taking the number 1 spot.

So this just goes to show that the English prefer to either shoot real people or kick a dead pig around, no science fiction for these guys.

Source: Chartget

Last Updated: December 9, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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