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The Untitled Critical Hit Podcast is here and we need you to help with the name!

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Looking around at the internet, it became very clear to Darryn and I that we were missing something. While the passionate nights together on a Moroccan beach do fall into that category, what we were actually referring to was a podcast. See, while Critical Hit no doubt holds a monopoly on excellent informative journalism seasoned with fart jokes, we’d yet to translate this to the audio medium. Bizarre indeed, considering how neither of us actually ever shuts up.


Thus was born the Untitled Critical Hit Podcast! Every week we’ll be bringing you discussions and breakdowns of the latest games we’ve been playing, a look at all the movies and series that really did a number on us and evaluate the week’s news with some informed opinions. Well, about as informed as either of us could be before losing focus and lamenting the fact that Darryn refuses to purchase a statue of The Animated Series Batman for his shelf.




Of course, this brings us to the question of the hour: What is this thing even called? Coasting on “The Untitled CritCast”, Darryn and I agreed to maybe open the floor for any suggestions folks might have for a name. He’s already suggested “Critical Twits”, which is very good, but one has to wonder if there’s something better out there? Leave us a comment and we’ll hold deliberations in the next episode!

Speaking of which, you can expect new episodes every Tuesday! Give us a listen on SoundCloud and Spotify, with Google Podcasts later this week. Hey, if you like what you heard then do us a solid and drop a follow, do a share, leave a review etc. Every little bit helps with spreading the word.

Last Updated: January 12, 2021

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