“The value proposition for the PS3/Xbox 360 is now out of whack in favour of the Xbox 360”

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Sony PS3 sales dropping

I am trying to sneak this one in on a Sunday to avoid the sh*t storm that is most likely going to follow it.

Let’s get the facts out of the way straight away, in America the official November sales have been released and two consoles have managed less sales this November than last year. Those two consoles are the Sony PSP and Sony PS3.

The Wii, DS and 360 sales rates have all improved dramatically over the last year while the PS2 has improved… however Sony is currently propping up the charts over in the US and three separate analysts have given their views on Sony and how they are going to resolve this.

David Cole from DFC states

“The value proposition for the PS3/Xbox 360 is now out of whack in favor of the Xbox 360”

and he doesn’t expect Sony to do well this Christmas at all,

Jesse Divnich from EEDAR states

“The economy probably played the biggest role in hindering sales, since as consumers, we tend to be more price sensitive when facing economic uncertainty”

but he does go on to mention that we are only half way through the race and Sony has the time in hand to claw it’s way back.

The infamous Michael Pachter from Wedbush Morgan is up next with his harsh but possibly true statement of

“their(PS3) game lineup, which is very good, is still not sufficiently differentiated to induce people to say "I’ve just got to buy a PS3.”

So that’s it, three analysts and all three expect the PS3 to do badly this Christmas. The most damning thing I picked up however was that not a single one of them mentioned anything about Home or any other big name titles that Sony has in the pipeline.

The confidence just isn’t there are the moment and that must be a worry for Sony.

Check out the full details over at GameDaily

Source: GameDaily

Last Updated: December 14, 2008

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