Gaming enthusiasts by and large haven’t noticed that the industry as a whole has been contracting for the past few years with sales in Britain being on a downward slope for an incredible 59 consecutive months. Yes nearly 5 years of a slow and steady decline has really started to get people on the inside of the industry to panic.

In reality we all know why the industry is shrinking; the consoles got older and a reliance on few, key “safe” titles being used by publishers to ensure they are keeping profitable.

However GTA V has now changed that with the UK industry posting their first increase in sales with GTA V being responsible for a full 50% of all titles sold in September.

Along with the new consoles about to be released and some brand new IP it means that there is a renewed sense of optimism returning to the industry. Whether it will sustain its growth now very much depends on whether or not you as consumers reward the new IP’s and risks in the industry.

If not you better get happy with Call of Duty, Battlefield and FIFA being all you have for the next generation.

Last Updated: October 7, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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