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The War Z pulled from Steam over serious allegations

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Bad Hammerpoint, bad!

Things aren’t looking good for The War Z right now. The obvious ka-ching to DayZ, the game has been marketing itself for quite a while now as a zombie survival game that is biblical in scale, and supporting of numerous other features for the end of the world crowd. Only, that’s all hogwash, as anyone who has bought the game has proceeded to regret doing so shortly afterwards.

The War Z has turned out to be anything than it was described to be, according to a Reddit post. People are angry, Valve calls the listing of the game a ‘mistake’ and art assets have been stolen left, right and center from more popular zombie games on the market.

And unlike DayZ which is essentially a free game provided that you own the original copy of ARMA II, The War Z was a $15 alpha build that randomly banned players in order to make money hand over fist. Here’s what Hammerpoint developer boss Sergey Titov had to say to Kotaku about the whole mess;

“As soon as we’ve announced game – we’ve received our share of hate from some of the DayZ fans accusing us of just ripping off DayZ concept to make a quick money,” Titov wrote. “While over time, especially after game have been launched publicly players been able to see that those two designs are pretty different, there’re still DayZ fanboys out there who just can’t accept fact that similar concept doesn’t mean being copycat… Interesting fact – only around 30% of our player base we have right now actually played DayZ. And 15% of our players never heard of DayZ before they started playing The War Z. This confirms that we’ve been able to attract new players to the survival/zombie war genre of the game.”

That was word for word by the way. So do those few disgruntled players have a bug up their ass. Wait, did I say few? I meant thousands of gamers who were suckered into buying the game, and have now started a petition to get their cash back, EULA be damned!

Want some more stats? Here ya go:

  • The War Z claims to have open worlds that stretch from 100-400 square KM in size. There’s actually just one 77 square km sized map.
  • No hardcore mode as promised
  • No private servers
  • There are no skills available to use in the game as promised
  • Maximum amount of players allowed on a server is 50, not 100

And that catchy art used to promote the game? That’s just repurposed art assets from The Walking Dead and various other zombie gatherings.


If you want to read more on the absolute cluster-f$%! that The War Z has become, then check out the WarZScam Tumblr, which details the whole sordid affair. How about you? Did you fall for the lies for this game? Share your pain with us!

Last Updated: December 20, 2012

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