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The Warhammer 40K Space Marine sequels that almost were

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If you haven’t played it yet, go pick up Warhammer 40 000: Space Marine. It’s a dedicated action game that deserved better and was supposed to spearhead a trilogy of games, but those plans eventually fell apart when THQ collapsed. And according to its developer, it would have been one hell of a story.

Ending on a cliffhanger, Space Marine saw its lead character Captain Titus push the forces of chaos back into the warp, somehow immune to their chaotic influence. Emerging unscathed, Titus was then arrested for heresy due to his exposure to the Warp. “I had some big plans for Titus,” game director Raphael van Lierop said to the Penny Arcade Report.

The second part of his story was to focus on a ‘Titus Unleashed’ plot—basically there were forces arrayed against him that would see his loyalty to the Adeptus Astartes pushed to its limit, and his reaction would be to kind of ‘go rogue,’ and we’d see a different Titus, not quite as in control as we saw him in Space Marine. He would be kicked out as a consequence—exiled, which would basically be a death sentence for him.

From that second game, Titus would grow to become an even more powerful Ultramarine, returning for a third game where he would form his own chapter of space marines and take the fight to the forces of chaos according to Lierop.

He would survive, and come back even stronger in the third game, where other Space Marines still loyal to him would rally around him and he’d return to ‘clean house,’ but as the head of a brand new Chapter that we would build around him.

However, these sequels never got made, thanks to THQ going bankrupt. “Sadly, THQ was already starting to fall apart by then and it became clear that Space Marine 2 wasn’t going to happen,” Lierop explained.

I was pretty heartbroken about that. But that’s the way the business works. In the end I’m glad things turned out the way they did, because I think if the end hadn’t been so hard, I might not have sought out a better way. And Hinterland might not have ever happened.

Space Marine is one of my favourite games of this generation. It’s bloody, violent and uncompromising in the way it handles its source material. And that’s what made it such a great game, especially for Warhammer 40K fans.

If you’re keen to still play it, I highly recommend doing so. You should be able to pick it up on the cheap by now.

Last Updated: October 22, 2013

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