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The Way All Developers Should Be

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I have just gained a whole lot more respect for Peter Molyneux. On Friday I wrote about how developers should put their games out in the open and let people see the good and the bad. Peter Molyneux went one step further, by picking out all the flaws in Fable 2 himself.

At a time when gamers are going to be extra picky on what we are spending our money on, doing this shows the confidence he has in Fable 2.

The issues he listed are by no means game changers but he picked them out and now everybody knows what they’re in for if they buy Fable 2. So if you don’t want bad lip-sync, dodgy navigation and low points in the story then Fable 2 is not for you.

If you enjoyed Bioshock, GTA IV and Half-Life then there are going to be parts of Fable 2 that appeal to you.

Fable 2 has been permanently added to my list of must buy games as I am confident it will succeed.

I wish all game developers could have such passion about the games they develop as well as for gaming in general. It would be for the better of the gaming industry and the gamers playing the games.

The OXM interview with Peter Molyneux is a brilliant read, why not go and check it out and leave your comments as to whether it has changed your mind on Fable 2?

source: OXM

Last Updated: September 15, 2008

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