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The Wii U is already selling out

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Last week, while I was mostly stuck in a cramped, airborne metal tube Nintendo revealed the release date and pricing for its new tabletty console, the Wii U. For some reason, most of you seemed either ambivalent or apathetic about the reveal. That doesn’t seem to be the case in the US though  – as retail giant Gamestop has announced that it’s sold out of its allotment for the pricier deluxe model – with standard bundles rapidly dwindling as well.

While this could show the console will be getting a good start, it’s probably worth noting that Gamestop sold out of both initial SKU’s of the PlayStation 3 within minutes of the console going up for pre-order. There’s also no mention of the sort of allocations Nintendo’s given to Gamestop – meaning there’s no real indication of how the console’s actually doing.

That said, it seems other US retailers are also running out of stock. Best Buy and Sears have sold out of both models – while Walmart is still happily accepting pre-orders. Its entirely possible that Nintendo could be one its way to printing tons of money again – while it’s also possible the company could be repeating history in a different way – by limiting stock and creating a false demand. Remember how nobody in the world could get hold of a Wii the first Christmas it was out – only making people want them more?

Yeah. Just a bit of caution though; if they’re running out of them for the US market already, you might want to pre-order as soon as you can. so you’re not left in tears, unable to get your Wii U action on this holiday.

As I’ve stated numerous times before, I’m genuinely excited for the Wii U – and I don’t think the announced pricing ‘s too bad either. You know who doesn’t agree?

Yup, Francis. (Warning: NSFW)

Last Updated: September 17, 2012

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