The Wii U is outselling the PlayStation 4…

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…just for this past week, and only in Japan. Yes, the headline is a bit misleading, but it’s certainly interesting to note that in Media Create’s sales charts for last week, The Wii U is indeed outselling the newly release PlayStation 4 in Japan. It’s odd, as that week saw a high-profile release by way of Infamous: Second Son, while The Wii U saw the release of…nothing of note.

Here’s the list of sales per hardware platform for the last week.

1. Nintendo 3DS LL – 20,304
2. PS Vita –13,334
3. Wii U – 8,858
4. PS4 – 7,387
5. PS3 – 7,383
6. Nintendo 3DS – 4,711
7. PSP – 1,201
8. PS Vita TV – 762
9. Xbox 360 – 104

And it’s a status quo that’s likely to continue for a few weeks yet. Mario Kart 8 was released in Japan today, and will likely be responsible for quite a number of Wii U unit sales for the coming weeks; probably enough to keep the system ahead of the PlayStation 4  in both systems’ native Japan for a while.

Infamous: Second Son was released there last week, but it doesn’t seem to resonate much with Japanese gamers as much as it did in the rest of the world. Mario Kart will help catapult those Wii U numbers in the land of the rising sun, though for how long? There’s not very much else on the Wii U horizon for a while – though a new Monster Hunter game on either system would increase sales exponentially.

Oh. Mario Kart 8 is out in the rest of the world tomorrow. It’s excellent. Get it.

Last Updated: May 29, 2014

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