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The Wii-U to use EA’s Origin as its online service

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How’s this for a rumour that will blow your socks off, according to an unnamed Intern EA Games is in the process of securing the exclusive rights to provide the online ability for the upcoming Nintendo Wii-U.

And that online service is going to be the much talked about Origin which drove a lot of Battlefield 3 players into anger management classes.

According to Wiiugo the reason for Nintendo wanting to sign up with EA or Valve is that they feel they’ve lost a lot of respect from Western gamers and they are desperate to win that back and hooking up with a solid Western company like EA or Valve would go a long way to resolving that relationship.

The reason EA want to exclusively provide the service is pretty obvious and if they do manage to secure this they would very quickly propel Origin to the fore in digital delivery and cause Valve and Steam some very serious problems.

Obviously this is all rumour and gossip at the moment but if it ends up being true it will be a major coup for EA Games and will also explain why Peter Moore has been so gung ho about the Wii-U while the rest of the development community hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet.

It’s also an interesting idea to outsource the online space and with EA and Sony having such a close relationship maybe Sony are contemplating doing the same thing for the PS4 and ridding itself of that distraction.

Last Updated: November 15, 2011

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