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The Wii Will Make You Angry, Go Crazy, and Bite People

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While the Wii is largely ignored by the hardcore gamer these days, it’s apparently the console of choice for hardcore crazies. A Colorado Springs man apparently went on a crazy rampage after getting frustrated with a Wii game.

Perhaps Nintendo’s new super guide system that helps players overcome difficult segments of games has a bit of merit.

James Williams, say witnesses, flew in to a fit of rage after playing a game on Nintendo’s White Box of Waggle – and went quite seriously over the edge. His rap sheet after ragequitting on himself includes biting his mother on the ankle (lolwut?), attacking random people with a baseball bat, ramming other vehicles with his car – as well as a pedestrian and a tree – mucking about with a BB gun and best of all, jumping on the hood of a police vehicle filled with donut-munchers out to apprehend him. Bloody Wiitard.

For his troubles, he received a jolly good tasering followed by a well deserved arrest. There’s been no mention of what game he was playing to trigger his rampage, probably because it doesn’t matter. While it’s not my place to judge, looking at his mugshot I’d say crystal meth is a more likely catalyst.

Last Updated: May 10, 2010

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