The will of fire and Dragonball lives on in these new Naruto screens and trailer

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Much like several other annual franchises out there, there’s a new Naruto game hitting stands a little later this year. While the previous Naruto game, Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 was a step down from the rather superb first game, it still managed to retain enough of the aesthetic beauty and core gameplay of the original title to hone enough retail sales chakra. With game three on the way, it looks like boss battles are making a return, alongside the usual tweaks and nods to the franchise.

Plus, Naruto now also sports some fly Dragonball threads. Which gives him +5 points to overly-long power-up sequences. Well, at least he has matching hair. Other changes to the gameplay formula include being able to enter an Awakened state only once during a match, but at any time possible, instead of having to rely on your health being whittled away enough to take advantage of that power boost. Stages now also feature ring out options and obstacles to use as cover for overpowering attacks, as well as a character roster of up to 80 brawlers now.

The jutsus of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 hit consoles early next month.

Last Updated: February 19, 2013

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