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The Witcher 2 for 360 is enhanced, comparable to medium PC settings

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CD Projekt’s The Witcher 2 is an incredible game, giving PC gamers a genuinely mature story without the gratuitous nonsense that gets other games their “m” ratings. Even though the console port of the original got canned, Xbox 360 owners will get to play one of the year’s best RPG’s. It’s a graphically intensive game, capable of bringing top-end gaming PC’s to their knees – so how’s the 360 version going to compare visually?

Speaking to 360 Magazine, CD Projekt RED executive producer John Mamais let 360 gamers know what kind of graphical fidelity they could expect.

Graphically speaking we are finding clever ways to optimize the game that are providing excellent results. We feel we can deliver a game on Xbox 360 that is comparable to at least the default medium settings on PC (the minimum level of quality of medium pc and often much higher). It will be a process of give and take in regards to post processing features. But given the fact that the 360 is a closed system we will be able to max out the processing power available and provide a very compelling experience when compared not only to the Witcher 2 on PC but all of the latest games on 360.

Ok, so obviously the PC version will look better – but that doesn’t mean that 360 gamers will be getting the short straw; The game will be rebalanced and feature updates and enhancements that’ll make it a more cohesive experience. Says Mamais :

“Releasing the PC game prior to the 360 has really given us some great insight into what gamers would like to see improved in the game, and much of the current design improvements for 360 are actually based on community feedback.”

PC gamers needn’t feel disillusioned that the 360 version might be the better experience. "It is also important to note that any critical improvements made for the 360 will also be provided back to the PC community in some form or another," Mamai added.

Source : 360 Magazine

Last Updated: July 14, 2011

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