The Witcher 3 is close to maxing out next-gen consoles

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Back at E3, I got a good look at the Witcher 3 in alpha-action. What I saw was undoubtedly real-time game footage, because it crashed several times. Don’t worry CDPR, in game preview circles, that’s a good thing. The game looks beyond gorgeous. So beautiful in fact, that it’s already close to going beyond what a next-gen console can offer.

Speaking to VG247, Witcher 3 gameplay producer Marek Ziemak spoke about how the game was already close to pushing the limits of what Microsoft and Sony has in store when they kick off a new generation of gaming in two months.

“At this point, we’re advanced in testing, running and experimenting with next-gen platforms, and at this point we know the game is pretty demanding,” Ziemak said.

Of course, we still have the authorisation phase in front of us, but because of size and density, we are already close to maxing out the equipment. Of course, if we find more workforce in boxes, we will surely use it to make the game even better. I think others share the same opinion as us, if there’s power to be used then why not use it all?

That’s the spirit. Footage of the game still needs to be made available to the public, but trust me on this: The Witcher 3 is going to set a new graphical benchmark when it’s released.

Last Updated: September 6, 2013

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