The Witcher 3 to look like CG?

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It’s still at least a year until CD Projekt RED’s Witcher sequel becomes available – but the Polish game developer has every confidence that it’ll make the most of the next-gen hardware that’ll be running; saying that they plan for the game to look like CG.

"We will take full advantage of our new REDengine 3," says Pawel Sasko, one of the game’s quest designer to Nowgamer. "With the new renderer we haven’t unveiled yet, we want to achieve CG movie quality for our game’s graphics."

Games aren’t just about graphics though – and they plan to do more than just pretty up the graphics.

"Also, players will be able to traverse the world of The Witcher 3 with no load times thanks to our software and the availability of more powerful hardware by the time of release," Sasko says.

Even better is news that each version of the game will be tailored to the platform its running on – so there shouldn’t be any whining from PC gamers about dumbed-down console ports.

"As with The Witcher 2, we won’t port the game, we will adapt it. That means that each build will be prepared for to use platform specific features."

I’m keen to see what happens. As with Crytek, CD Project has a knack for doing incredible things with the hardware available to them; the key difference being that CD Projekt is able to create a narrative that’s actually worth a damn.

The Witcher 3 is currently announced as heading to the PC and PlayStation 4, though it’s pretty likely to be headed to Microsoft’s next console too. Look out for it, some time in 2014.

Last Updated: March 13, 2013

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