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The Witcher 3 will be the ‘best-looking game possible’

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As far as game series go, The Witcher 2 is one of the prettiest such franchises on the market. Each iteration has pushed out a CPU-busting visual smorgasbord of graphics. And buddy, The Witcher 3 is going balls to the wall for the finale.

"We want the game to look as beautiful as possible," CD Projekt RED’s Tomasz Jarz?bowski said to the Sydney Morning Herald about the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

I think we are in a good moment, we don’t have to choose between better graphics or performance on either PC or consoles now, we can just create the best looking game possible.

If it maxes out the consoles? Well the future will tell [if The Witcher 3 maxes out the consoles.] There are games that are being released for current-gen that look way better than everything created so far. We are always getting wiser and wiser, so I expect our next game will look even better.

That’s no lie. The alpha version of the game looked gorgeous at E3, with villages that detailed, environments that felt authentic and atmospheric effects that felt like Michael Bay was in charge of mother nature. Throw in the various creatures, which Jarzebowski described as CDPR trying to really “focus on monsters that are really hooked into the environment and the communities with a background story," and you get the big picture.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is scheduled for a release in February of 2015. Which should give you enough time to save up and pimp your PC out for the game.

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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