The Witcher 3 will have plenty of free post-launch DLC

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Are you enjoying a game, but feeling like there’s something missing, a hole that needs to be filled? Well good news guy, because nothing fills that void better than money. Especially if you’re in need of attack pants. The Witcher 3 is a game that could easily be mined for extra coin. But when it arrives next year, you’ll be getting a ton of content for free instead.

16 pieces of DLC to be exact. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt will release it’s first two DLC packs on February 25, which includes the Temerian Armor Set (horse armor included) and a Beard and Hairstyle Set for Geralt, the titular Witcher of the game. From that point on, a DLC bundle of two more pieces of content will arrive every week for free as well.

The DLC will also be available regardless of when the game is bought pre or post launch.

Witcher DLC

“We love games. We love collecting them, playing them, and everything connected to that experience,” co-founder and Joint CEO of CD Projekt RED Marcin Iwinski said in an open letter that I’m just copying and pasting below for you to peruse.

Every time we reach out for a new release, we expect to be taken care of. We expect support if we encounter any problems, we love updates constantly improving the experience, and we feel really special when we receive free content that gives us more than we initially paid for. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be an awesome skin for a character, or an extra sword, or armor.

Unfortunately this treatment is quite rare these days. As gamers, we nowadays have to hold on tight to our wallets, as surprisingly right after release, lots of tiny pieces of tempting content materialize with a steep price tag attached. Haven’t we just paid a lot of cash for a brand new game?

As CD Projekt RED, we strongly believe this is not the way it should work and, with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we have decided to do it differently. Cutting to the chase, everyone who buys Wild Hunt will receive 16 specially prepared DLCs absolutely for free, regardless of platform. You don’t have to pre-order, you don’t have to buy any special edition to get them — if you own a copy of Wild Hunt, they’re yours. This is our way of saying thank you for buying our game.

At least this time, when the game arrives you can indeed have amazing horse armour to look at. Without paying for it.

Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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