The Witcher 3 will treat all gamers equally

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Buying games these days is a lot like dipping into a lucky packet. Each platform has some form of hardware-exclusive bait with which to tempt gamers, and that’s an idea that extends to retail as well with all manner of DLC as a pre-order bonus. But for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt? Don’t expect any of that nonsense, because all gamers are equal.

That’s the sentiment over at CD Projekt Red, as company co-founder Marcin Iwinski explained to Eurogamer that no matter which platform The Witcher 3 was on, it would have the exact same content.

We’ll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms, nor will we artificially delay release of the game on any of the platforms because somebody’s paying us money for that. It’s definitely against our values.

We are not doing that.

“What we are doing in terms of marketing cooperation,” Iwinski further explained, “you’ll see that at E3.” While The Witcher 3 has no multiplayer, it will still have some manner of social networking it seems, with Iwinski hinting that the idea of sharing your exploits online would be explained when the time was right.

The Witcher 3 is currently scheduled for a February 2015 release. I’ve got a lot of love for the previous games, which weren’t only fun to play, but packed with plenty of support in the months after release. Free updates to the game that resulted in it looking better, smoother and overall witchier, if ya know what I mean.

Because that’s the kind of attitude from a developer that makes gamers trust in them.

Last Updated: May 20, 2014

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