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To steal a phrase from RyanZA, don’t trust DRM because The Witcher 3 is a’comin. A big game necessitates an international release, which is exactly what you’re getting. But when? When can you access your pre-loaded files and get your Wild Hunt on? Well to make up for the clickbaity headline, I’m putting it right here: 1:00AM CET on May 19 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So let’s get that timing down right after the jump.

That’s according to GameSpot, who also added that North American players with a digital version of the game will be playing a few extra hours earlier thanks to the release date and something about time zone differences. Australia! So what time does the game unlock for you then? Here’s a handy breakdown that I’ve listed below:

  • South Africa – 01:00 AM, Tuesday
  • UK – 00:00 AM, Tuesday
  • Brazil – 20:00 PM, Monday
  • New York – 19:00 PM, Monday
  • Los Angeles – 16:00 PM, Monday
  • Sydney – 09:00 AM, Tuesday
  • Tegucigalpa – 17:00 PM, Monday (I just like the name of that city)

The game has finally gone gold as of last week. While that means little to nothing these days (Hello multiple gigabytes of day one patches!) I’ve got a bit more faith in CD Projekt Red on this one. Especially since the game has suffered a few delays. If you’re keen, that should leave you enough time to download the game if you’re using our shoddy infrastructure, which clocks in at 35 gigglebytes on PC and PlayStation 4, and around 30 gigabytes on Xbox One.

Last Updated: April 20, 2015

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