The worst demo’s released on Live

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Hour of Victory So the Too Human demo was recently released and it was met with quite a mixture of reviews. But which are the worst demo’s ever to be released on Live? has put together their list of the top 5 which includes some notable disasters like Sonic or Turning Point both of which turned out to be retail disasters.

But the number one winning worst demo on Live belongs to Hour of Victory which was the perfect example of how not to create a FPS game. The hit sensors were none existent, the tanks had no weight the gameplay was generally abysmal and there were no redeeming qualities at all.

The demo was actually yanked from Live for ‘technical reasons’ that were rumoured to be ‘This game is terrible’

The game finally hit retail shelves and I am pretty much they are still there.

So do you now of any other terrible demo’s that weren’t listed on Live or PSN?

Last Updated: July 25, 2008

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