The WWE 2K15 season pass isn’t much of a slam

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But it will cost ya plenty

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the longest-running deal in video game entertainment that is designed to ring a few extra bucks out of you. From Call Of Duty to Battlefield, no game is safe from the dreaded season pass clutch, a deadly move that will have your wallet tapping out in mere seconds. And of course WWE 2K15 is going to have some of that extra content available.

In news that happens to be about as surprising as John Cena’s finishing moves in a WWE ring, WWE 2K15 will have a $25 season pass available when the game launches. So what does all that cash get you then? According to 2K Games, the season pass includes new story-driven single-player content with extra missions and access to WWE Diva Paige.

…That’s about it really, as 2K wasn’t sharing any other information. Guess the meat of the product will be in the Showcase mode then, and seeing if the digital offerings can match the two main rivalries of John Cena vs CM Punk and Shawn Michaels vs Triple H.

While I like the idea of more showcase mode matches, WWE 2K15 is going to need to offer a lot more than that if it wants me to part with my cash. And until I see who exactly is being featured in those rivalries, I’m not exactly rushing headfirst into this content. Because I sure as Kane do not want to throw down money for a rivalry between Hornswoggle and Mr McMahon. Again.

Last Updated: October 10, 2014

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