The Xbox 360 is only halfway through its lifecycle according to Microsoft

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If you thought that the Xbox 360 would be getting a replacement any time soon thanks to the announcement of the Wii U, then think again, because its still going to hang around for a long time.

Xbox EMEA Vice President Chris Lewis thinks that the system is now only halfway trough its lifecycle thanks to the introduction of the Kinect system. In an interview with trade magazine MCV, Lewis shared his thoughts on the longevity of the console.

We see it as about halfway through. But yes you are right, Xbox is defying the normal curve you might expect. There’s no doubt that Kinect put a huge shot of adrenaline into the business.

What we are now seeing is massive swathes of families and younger audiences flocking to it. As you saw at the press conference, we are now in line with what we projected at E3 2010.

What you won’t see is us contriving that. What you will see is us using Kinect to enhance the experience and not detract from it. I don’t think our core gamers will tolerate anything else from us.

Lewis went on to explain that the strategy that Microsoft was using with the Kinect, focusing on families first and then providing “complimentary” services for the core gaming crowd.

While Microsoft has been in the news recently with rumours that the Xbox was getting a successor, its not too difficult to imagine both systems working side by side, something Sony did for several years with the Playstation 2 once the PS3 was released.


Last Updated: June 27, 2011

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